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NEW RELEASE! - Heart of Colossus

Heart of Colossus:
A Steampunk Space Opera Adventure
(A Holly Drake Job #3)

By Nicole Grotepas

Save them all or die trying. 
But time and space are stacked against them. 
Is this the mission that will unveil the true nature of the Heart at the center of the Shadow Coalition? She’s seen the hands, just who is the heart? 

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COVER REVEAL! - Heart of Colossus: A Steampunk Opera Adventure

Heart of the Colossus: A Steampunk Space Opera Adventure 
(A Holly Drake Job Book, #3) 

By by Nicole Grotepas 

Holly Drake and her crew have seen just a fraction of the Shadow Coalition. Can they penetrate deeper into the organization and successfully defeat the Heart and the remaining Hands?

NEW RELEASE! - Hands of Colossus

Hands of the Colossus:
A Steampunk Space Opera Adventure
(A Holly Drake Job, #2) 

By Nicole Grotepas 

One massive shadow organization. One bad ass heroine…
Until someone goes missing. In that moment, everything changes…
But… is the whole set up a trap? How many snares will Holly and her crew have to spring to the save just one victim?
If they have to, they’ll go into the hornet’s nest to get the job done. But will it be their final job? 
The Hands of the Colossus features a snarky, strong, bad ass heroine fighting against the odds to save the helpless.