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Chance Series 

By J. Bliss

Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Not By Chance Book 1:


Drew Rodd has the desire to escape the shadow of his parents and avoid following in the footsteps of his father and his destructive tendencies. At just twenty-four, Drew is promoted to Executive Director at Rival Tech.

Drew’s way of life involves a constant struggle with his father’s devious intentions and manipulations. He is always seeking to prick and prod Drew to advance and become a pawn to further his own success. Drew is determined to value his hate to get ahead professionally, but the beasts from his past keep lurking.

Jasmine Chance is in her last year of college, a challenge she chose after suffering through physical abuse and leaving home without ever looking back. She has done all she can to carry on toward graduating with her college degree, she believes a brighter future will keep her away from the nightmare that was her childhood. 
However, her life changes forever the day she met Drew.

A dinner party draws the two together in an electrifying way. After being preyed upon by their pasts, they stick together closely as a couple once their life circles out of whack. Will their electrifying romance be their saving grace or will it destroy them?

Taking Chances Book 2:


This story follows Jasmine Chance who is lying in a coma after being brutally attacked by her mother's boyfriend. Andrew Rodd stays by her side during her recovery after the sudden trauma.

As she prepares for her new start in Paris, France she moves in with Drew and they fall in love, but it is not as easy. She's dealing with discovering what she wants and likes while facing the aftermath of her attack, family members that are attempting to make her life a living hell, and the news that her biological father has been in contact with her sister.

Being in a relationship with Drew seems impossible. Jasmine feels like she's never going to escape the ongoing drama of her past. Jasmine's new start feels like it's in jeopardy and she has to decide whether staying in Atlanta or following her dream of going to Paris is best.

Last Chance Book 3:


After a traumatic attack, Jasmine Chance recovers from a coma and decides to take on the life she’s always longed for in Paris. While there she encounters a man from her past, causing her to re-evaluate what she truly desires. 

As the love of her life, Andrew Rodd, is fighting for their relationship, his company is threatened, forcing him to choose between struggling to make things work with Jasmine and staying in Atlanta to uphold his business.

Will Jasmine find the balance between her passions, companionship, and the future of her business? Will Drew choose to maintain order in his company and remain loyal to his best friend or finally win the love of his life? Only time can tell if this will be their last chance.



Not By Chance

Chapter Six


 I catch sight of Victoria and Romel on the dance floor. I wait on the sidelines at the bar patrolling Victoria practically having sex on the dance floor. Drunk and horny college boys surround me, thinking I'm waiting to audition for them to take me as their sex fling. I shake my head at my chica, a person would suspect this chick is getting a degree in sexology. If they offered the degree, she would have enrolled in all the classes twice, she settled for business and anthropology with special emphasis in sociocultural anthropology. Perhaps, it supports why she has the urgency to study me and my different cultural patterns that are conflicting.

Surprisingly, I eagle-eye this gorgeous body on the dance floor. How could I not remember his body? I often enjoy seeing frat brothers get together to step, but this one was so sexy, dancing to music as if it was only for pleasure. I wonder if he does a private dance, because he looks as if he should be my graduation strip-o-gram, teasing me in every fashion of congratulations. I can’t believe I am at this bar imagining him as my private dancer, fuck! My panties are wet just by looking at him. The last time I did this was when I saw Drew eight days ago. Within seconds Victoria is yelling my name across the dance floor, but I am spellbound by my thoughts. She makes her way through the crowd, up to the bar, and bumps into me.

 “Jasmine, why aren’t you dancing? I see you noticed Drew! Your exams are over, we are both graduation bound! You have no excuse!”

I attempt to speak over the loud music in response; not knowing if I hear her correct. “What are you saying?”

Victoria screamed from the top of her lungs, “The guy on the dance floor, that’s Drew!” I do everything to keep my composure. I don’t know how he has so much of a magical, physical power over me. “Oh, is it…he is leaving a lasting impression out there.” We both laugh. Victoria knows how I adore seeing men that are not afraid to strip. Hell, they expect all the dancing and teasing from women why is it so hard for a man to repay in the gift of teasing a woman.

“I will get Drew, stay right here!” Instead of Victoria returning with Drew, Romel grabs her on the dance floor as if she is fish bait. They are so in love and hot for each other. Seeing them is like a fairy tale in a book the way they are so in sync with one another. She manages to enlighten Drew of my location and he makes his own tunnel through the crowd.

He doesn’t speak instead he takes me by the hand insisting I dance with him. I slid my hand into the back pocket of his jeans, pulling his neck just enough so he can hear me. “Why don’t we get out of here instead?” 

Drew whisks me on the dance floor as if I agreed to dance. “I would miss out on this opportunity to dance with you, if we did that.” Remembering how I witnessed him dancing, I know this won’t end in anything that isn’t naughty. He pulls me near him; his body motions like a wave in the ocean. He knows he is teasing me with the playfulness of his body rubbing me. He begins mingling the full length of his physique with mine, like an all over kiss of our bodies. 

There is no doubt our attraction is building now that our bodies have surged amongst one another. His erection cushions against my body, encouraging a gripping sensation which bunches my skirt up my thighs as we grind. I can’t wait any longer. I put my hand upon his neck to pull his face closer to mine, just enough to hear me say, “I want you.”

Drew doesn’t notice anyone else. He picks me up and I’m yelling as he lifts me. “Excuse us!” He bumps into the girl we saw at the dinner party, Amelia. Her face looks like the swelling went down some, but you could tell she is still chasing glamour. I am in a tight grip, wrapping my legs around him, as we hustle to his car. Once we get outside the club, he rushes me in his SL Mercedes like the building is on fire. Drew sits me inside his car as if he was taking me to Grady Hospital. I am taken by how comfortable the two-tone leather seat is. This plush sensation is irresistible, how the hell is his car sexy? I feel like I’m on a couch drifting off to heaven. Sitting in the passenger seat with my skirt raised just below the kiss of my thighs, I unlock the door. As he sits in the driver’s seat his eyes look captivated by my thighs. He looks at me, adjusting the radio from his steering wheel and pauses. “Jasmine. Did you mean what you said on the dance floor?”  

I straighten up my shoulders and look into Drew’s sultry eyes. “Yes, I want you.” He turns the volume to a moderate tone to the sounds of Thought You Should Know by Carl Thomas. I am taken by this man and his purposely romantic acts. It takes Drew ten minutes to get out of the crowded parking lot on to the freeway.

He looks in my direction. “I just thought you should know. You are so—beautiful, Jasmine.” I gulp a deep breath.

“Seeing you across the room in that dress…”

He pauses with a breath, aware of me batting my eyes as he compliments me. “Let’s just say you did more than catch my eye.”

We make it on the highway; he looks at me, unable to keep his focus on the road. Drew pulls the car over in a rush. “Jasmine, I can hardly wait.”

He reaches his hand until his fingertips touch gently down my face.

“You turn me on so much.”

His words with the melody playing in my ear are making love to me.

“Can I touch you?”

Hell yes! I whimper, “Yes.”

Drew begins enticing me between my thighs. He takes one of his fingers, swirling it around my inner thigh, until his fingers meet my wet lips below. I gasp, hauling in a breath; Drew slides another finger down until he reaches inside of me. I moan a harmony like a siren’s melody in an induced pitch.

“I should get to our destination.” Drew slides out of me. He takes his finger and slurps it in his mouth. Damn, this man is irresistible. He continues driving for the longest fifteen minutes ever. He reaches the exit of the freeway, stops at the light and leans over to kiss me, stroking his fingers within to match the circular motion of his tongue. I knew tonight was going up in smoke once he touched my French cut red panties. 



All I could think of was my dick entering her wet pussy. I’d been building this up since I first set eyes on her at the lake. I park the car and jump across the hood of the car to open the passenger door. I grab Jasmine by the hand, lifting her in my arms and off her feet.

Once we make it to the elevator, I place her on her feet. I insert the key to open the elevator door. Pulling her in close, I take Jasmine’s bottom lip between mine and suck gently. Using the tip of my tongue as a paint brush, I trace the outline of her lips as if she was a painting. Her tongue dives from the seal of her lips as I wrap my lips around her tongue sucking passionately.

She looks me in my eyes; she can’t take waiting much longer. I hear this strange noise of a car driving off, tires squealing, and look back. I can’t see the car so I pay it no attention. I have never wanted to please a woman as badly as I want Jasmine. She is moaning, “I want you.” Hell, Jasmine is no tease tonight.

I insert the key in the lock and the door slides open. Jasmine stumbles back but I reach my hand out to grab her. I pull her in close. “I'll give you what you want. Lick by lick…then I’ll taste you. And hear you scream.” I press the button, to the lobby and the door closes. My finger caresses the curve of her ear, while we kiss slowly as I follow the motion of her lips and get lost in time.

The elevator door opens. We step out once we arrive to the lobby. The concierge tilts his hat once he sees me. “Jasmine, wait right here.” She looks at me with piercing eyes as if she is undressing me. “What is your license plate number?” By this time Jasmine’s eyebrow lifts. “I will send for your car to be towed from the club.”

Her face relaxes. “Diva Driving”

I walk over to the receptionist table and take a pen a paper that is lying on the counter to write. I pass the paper to concierge. “Call Shaun and ask him to have this car towed and parked in my third parking space.”

He tilts his hat. “Right away, Mr. Rodd. Have a good evening.”

The elevator chimes and its doors open. Jasmine steps in and I follow her. I insert my key and the door shuts, proceeding to ascend to the pent house. She steps close, her fingers pressing the right placket of my shirt. With heavy breathing, she places her left hand at the top of my shirt to unbutton it but I slap Jasmine's hand. “Naughty.”

She notices the bulge of my pants. “You want me now?” Jasmine bites her bottom lip inhaling the air. I look at her and fuse my lips with hers as she flicks open each button one by one. The lower her hands get the more my dick grows as if it is going to burst through the seam of my jeans. She moans as my hand slides to the lower part of her back. I jolt her body around up against the mirrored wall and the doors slide open.

“You are so beautiful.” I walk forward toward the foyer and she steps backward until we are no longer in the elevator. The door shuts.

I stare at the beauty of her golden honey skin for moments at a time. “Jasmine you are breath taking.”

The tantalizing fragrance of rose sets off a sensual feeling as I take in the sweetness of the air before I taste Jasmine.  Her pleasing curves allure me into her luscious breast.  “Your body is sexy.”

I listen to the sounds of her breathe as erotic pants sound off the wall.  

The tip of my tongue traces the outline of Jasmine’s lips; slowly I grab her bottom lip and gently suck the edge of her sweet mouth. Her mouth slowly opens with a moan, as I wrap my full lips around her tongue with a passionate suck. Her moans grow, while my kisses trace her face.

I shove her against the wall and fall to my knees while gently kissing the layer of lace on her tight-fitting dress that stands between me and her skin. With each kiss I move her dress until it reaches to her waist. I can smell the lust of sex coming from her wet pussy and I look up at Jasmine. “Tell me what you want.” I grasp her knees and ease them apart. “I love the way you smell.”

Jasmine’s hands are fumbling around the top of my head. “Drew. Ahhh.”

“You like that.” I take my full lips and suck her thigh right beside her pussy, while moving my hand softly between her legs up to her panties. “You like that.”

“Mm-mm, Drew.”

I know I am working magic on her; she gasps for air while I lift her. “Tell me what you want, Jasmine.” I carry her to my leather S shaped sofa chair. Bending her body over the curve of the chair, I take a hold of her knees, easing them apart. I place my lips on the top of her panties, and slightly bite at them. “Tell me…” She still doesn’t answer. It’s like she’s intoxicated, and it is turning me the fuck on. I grab around from the curve of her ass and pull at her panties. “Tell me what you want, Jasmine.” I lick her inner thigh and move, twirling my tongue with intensity. I take one hand to prop her legs back together and Jasmine sounds off like a siren as I take off her panties. “Tell me.”

With a sexy sigh she says, “You…” She is panting with her words. “I want you.” My dick grows, digging into my zipper. It is taking everything in me to control myself. I stare in her eyes, “You are so sexy, Jasmine.”

I caress her arms, while I kiss her sweet neck. With each soft stroke of my fingertips upon her, she moves as if my touch electrifies her. Her breathing grows stronger as she speaks, “Drew, I want you.”



Author Bio:

J. Bliss Influenced by, Maya Angelo, Terry McMillan, and her own mother's prestigious writing, J. Bliss began writing stimulating poetry at the age of thirteen. She dreamt of being an author and never gave up on the passion deep to write that she held within herself.

Her first novel originated from a past radio talk show she was the host of, based on many callers that spoke about having marital problems, most of which stemmed from a lack of intimacy. Drawing from her own experiences and struggles, she felt compelled to write Lovers of Convenience leading to Not by Chance.

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